Free generator for crossword puzzles in Yiddish
for Windows 10

Download the crossword generator by clicking on here*).

Optional tool for generating a word list from a UTF-16 or UTF-8 text file.
From a Yiddish text, it eliminates double-words, dots, commas and punctuation marks and
finally sorts the word alphabetically in a list which is suitable for the crossword generator program.
Download by clicking on here*).

Optional tool for finding words from a word list for crossword puzzles in order to manually replace words (if the crossword puzzle is exported as a SVG file, this is possible - for example, the free software Inkscape can edit SVG files)
Download by clicking on here*).

Installation: The programs are each in a ZIP file. You can extract them into a separate directory - then you
can start them (crosswordgenerator.exe or wordlistgenerator.exe).

Possible grids:

3x3      5x5      7x7, Pattern 1      7x7, Pattern 2

9x9, Pattern 1      9x9, Pattern 2      9x9, Pattern 3

10x10      11x11

*) License agreement:
The author is not liable for consequential, incidental or indirect damages of any kind which arise out of the use of the software.