The JewcalGetJewishHolidayNameEx function retrieves the name of the holiday which falls on a Gregorian date, the weekday of the holiday and if the holiday is the first or second day (if the holiday is Rosh HaShanah or has a second day in the Diaspora).

DWORD JewcalGetJewishHolidayNameEx(LPJEWCALGETHOLIDAYINFO lpGetHolidayInfo);


Must point to a JEWCALGETHOLIDAYINFO structure in which the parameters for the function are contained and in which the return value is stored. The cbSize member of the structure must be set to sizeof(JEWCALGETHOLIDAYINFO).

Return values

If the function succeeds, the return value is JEWCAL_ERROR_OK.

If the function fails, the return value is other than JEWCAL_ERROR_OK. The function fails if lpHolidayInfo is NULL, if it does not have the correct size, if the passed Gregorian date is invalid or if the buffer(s) are too small.


This function is new in version 1.1

See Also

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