The JewcalGetNearestShabbatHebrewDate function gets the nearest Shabbat of the current/given date. If the current/given date falls on a Shabbat, then the same date is returned.

DWORD JewcalGetNearestShabbatHebrewDate(LPJEWCALDATE lpHebrewDate,
                                        LPJEWCALDATE lpReturnHebrewDate);


If it is not NULL, it must point to a JEWCALDATE structure which specifies the Hebrew date to process. If it is NULL, the current date is used.

Must point to a JEWCALDATE structure in which the calculated date is returned.

Return values

If the function succeeds, the return value is JEWCAL_ERROR_OK.

If the function fails, the return value is other than JEWCAL_ERROR_OK. The function fails if the passed Hebrew date is invalid.


This function is new in version 1.1

See Also

JewcalGetNearestShabbatGregorianDate, JewcalHebrewDateToGregorianDate, JewcalGetHebrewMonthName, JEWCALDATE