Morsing texts via PC to a vibrator for deaf-and-blind people

This free software translates texts in Latin or Hebrew letters into Morse code and controls a vibrator according to the Morse code.

To control the vibrator by the PC, I used a relais card for the serial port (more information is contained in the help file of the Morse program) - if you want to use other hardware to control a vibrator, please contact me so that I can give you more information and adapt the software.

A suitable vibrator is e.g. an electrical toothbrush.

For testing purposes, the morse code can be also heard by the PC speaker.

Click here for a screenshot.

If you have any questions e.g. about the relais card, please mail me at

I am a 26 years old computer scientist and would be pleased about feedback by users of the software.
Especially, I would be interested in your age and in which country you live.

Downloading and using the software with the PC speaker

System requirement: MS-Windows 98 or higher

License agreement

The delivered software is freeware and protected by copyright laws.

The author is not liable for consequential, incidential or indirect damages of any kind which arise out of the use of the software.


Ulrich Greve