New Supplemental Tools for Blind People

  1. Touch Screen without multi touch technology
  2. Raster Consisting of a Wood Frame and Metal Sticks
  3. Software "Invoke Helper" for Touch Screens

1. Touch Screen without multi touch technology

In addition to a screen reader and the use of a braille line, a touch screen without multi touch technology can be used, too.
Touch screens can be found in Tablet PCs or can be found as external devices for normal PCs.
With the help of a touch screen, actions which are usually operated with the aid of a mouse can be operated with a finger, a hand or a special pen.

Please use only touch screens without multi touch technology, since touch screens with multi touch technology could possibly perform actions even with very few pressure.

2. Raster Consisting of a Wood Frame and Metal Sticks

The touch screen can be extended with an additional, touchable raster, which special position can be marked with, e.g. with Dymo tape, so that blind people can find special positions on the screen to start programs or to operate other actions. Photo of the raster
The raster can be arranged flexibly.
The defining of points on the raster is e.g. helpful to click on a defined position on web sites without navigating into the edit field sequentially. Buttons at fixed positions which cannot be navigated to with normal screen readers can also be reached. Of course, positions on the screen can be reached in other programs, e.g. a spreadsheet program, too.

3. Software "Invoke Helper" for Touch Screens

An individual user interface (several pages with one image each, which can have as many and as big buttons as needed), e.g. for executing programs or simple early education programs for children, can be created with the new software "Invoke Helper".

You can assign a tool tip to a button.

With the aid of a raster attached to the touch screen, blind people can define rectangular areas on the screen and assign them to an action.
These areas can only be moved or edited in the design mode, but not accidentally in daily use!

A video which an individual user interface and a little early education program are presented in, can be watched at video to the software "Invoke Helper".

Example of an early education program for blind children:

Two rectangular areas which a sound file is assigned to are defined. After clicking on an area with a finger or a small hand, the sound file is played.
In the first rectangle, the question is asked, and in the second one the result can be found.
A possible question is e.g. "Which word does not fit? Sheep, horse or table?".
There's no limit to fantasy for the development of early education programs.

The software can only be downloaded.
System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Touchscreen


This software is protected by copyright laws.

It must not be used by several persons on different computers at different locations. Copies of the software are only allowed to be made for back-up.
The author is not liable for consequential, incidential or indirect damages of any kind which arise out of the use of the software.


Ulrich Greve

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