Jewish Calendar Data Export Program

Exporting Jewish calendar data as an All Day Event into MS-Outlook 2000 or higher or into an ICS/iCalendar file

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The MS-Outlook data can be also synchronized with a Pocket PC, Organizer or Handys
(click here for other possibility for handys without Outlook synchronization)
as far as they support MS-Outlook Calendar Synchronization


More features

System requirements: Pentium-PC or higher, Windows 8/10, Outlook 2000 or higher


The program can be downloaded by clicking on here.
Before downloading, read the License agreement.

License agreement

This software is protected by copyright laws.

The author is not liable for consequential, incidential or indirect damages of any kind which arise out of the use of the software.

You can send the Jewish calendar data/Zmanim, which is imported into desktop Outlook, as a fax or SMS to your handy, e.g. the data of a day as a single fax or SMS.

In the Internet, you can find free of charge or inexpensive fax and SMS services.

In order that you can prepare the Outlook data easily for a SMS, that means e.g. to shorten the names of the Zmanim, I would help on demand.

Ulrich Greve

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