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8 Nisan 5775 / Shabbat Hagadol ח ניסן ה'תשע''ה / שבת הגדול
MS Windows Vista/7/8
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Zikorn Shpil


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Personal part Congregation part
Time orientation, with individual images and sound files, for elderly people and people suffering from dementia without any computer skills in their daily routine Yahrzeit program, optionally with extra pages with information about the person and/or relatives if clicked or tapped (using a touchscreen) on a cell
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Free of charge on- or offline Luach for all mobile phones/devices regardless of the operating system *

If you need a certification, please click here.

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* with Internet browsers supporting Offline Application Caching, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and DOM Local Storage (most latest browsers support these features)

Are you interested in a DavidMobil? For information, click on the link DavidMobil.

Guitar Free sheet music for classical guitar:
David's Guitar Piece PDF here
Guitar piece for my primary school teacher of my second grade - I was 8 years old when this piece came to my mind PDF here

Software for deaf and blind people - free of charge

Drawing program for blind people running on Windows Vista/7

Zikorn shpil with pictures

Zikorn shpil using sound files for improving your memory, also suitable for blind people
All sounds (mostly guitar sounds) were recorded at home.
Here is a sound sample

Jewish Calendar Data Export Program

Jewish Calendar Data Export Program

  • exporting calendar entries into MS-Outlook, e.g. suitable for synchronization with PDAs, Pocket PCs, Organizers, Mobile Phones which support MS-Outlook synchronization
  • saving exported entries into an iCalendar/ICS file which can be used e.g. for the standard calendar of Microsoft Windows Vista
  • running under Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Screenshots are also available

Jewish Date Pro

Screenshot Jewish Date Pro
  • Pasting the current Jewish date in Hebrew and Latin letters, via the clipboard into a word processor by clicking on an icon in Microsoft Word 2007 or by a hotkey in other word processors
  • using a Unicode font for the Latin and Hebrew letters
  • running under Windows Vista or Windows 7

LuteTuner for Android mobile phones incl. Galaxy Tab (Android 2.1 or higher)

for 8-course Renaissance lute and 11-course Baroque lute
choosable tuning with 440 Hz and 415 Hz

First, my brother David has written a version for Windows Vista/Windows 7 and Pocket PC for our father's lutes.
The software is written only for our family's needs, but now other people can download it free of charge.

The version for Windows Vista/7/8 can be downloaded here, and for Android here.

License agreement
The software is protected by copyright laws.
The authors are not liable for consequential, incidential or indirect damages of any kind which arise out of the use of the software.


Luach Sidebar Gadget

Click here to get more information about the powerful Luach Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista/7.

Features: Day calendar view, Jewish date into clipboard feature, Halakha data with Molad, Shabbat Times, Zmanim, Rosh Hodesh, Daf Yomit, Mishna Yomit, Yerushalmi Yomit, Birthday/Anniversaries/Yahrzeit reminder, Yizkor, Daylight saving times, Omer counting, Flyout with Sefirass Haomer and shir on memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohay and much more


Ulrich Greve

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