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18 Iyar 5784 / Lag Ba Omer יח אייר ה׳תשפ״ד / ל''ג בעומר
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Free Luach software for Windows 10/11


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Jewish Calendar Data Export Program

Jewish Calendar Data Export Program

  • exporting calendar entries into MS-Outlook, e.g. suitable for synchronization with PDAs, Pocket PCs, Organizers, Mobile Phones which support MS-Outlook synchronization
  • saving exported entries into an iCalendar/ICS file
  • running under Windows 10
  • Screenshots are also available

Jewish online calendar

Among other things, the Jewish online calendar generates month calendars in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Turkish, Greek, Romanian.

Jewish Date Pro

Screenshot Jewish Date Pro
  • Pasting the current Jewish date in Hebrew and Latin letters, via the clipboard into a word processor by clicking on an icon in Microsoft Word 2007 or by a hotkey in other word processors
  • using a Unicode font for the Latin and Hebrew letters
  • running under Windows 11

ActiveX Control

Convert dates between the Gregorian and Jewish Calendar in both directions, calculate Yahrzeit with the Jewish ActiveX Control.

Jewish Clock

Clock with Hebrew digits, optionally running from right to left. Also displays the current Jewish date.

Jewish Calendar/Zmanim DLL

More information
  • SDK available for developers
  • Converting given/current Gregorian date into Hebrew date
  • Getting the name of the holiday or fast day for a given/current Gregorian date
  • Torah and haphtaroth readings for a given shabbat
  • Shabbat times and Zmanim calculation for over 1000 predefined cities - own calculation methods and cities can be defined individually
  • FREE DOWNLOAD for non-profit Jewish organizations

Yahrzeit DLL

  • Yahrzeit Calculation
  • Output into a .txt file
  • SDK available for developers
  • FREE DOWNLOAD for non-profit Jewish organisations on demand:

OCR program for Yiddish/Hebrew

More information

  • Reads Windows Bitmap (BMP) files or bitmaps from the clipboard, e.g. screenshots with the Print or Alt+Print key, line by line (the program does not fetch the images from the scanner itself)
  • Recognizes Yiddish, Hebrew (also with Nikud) and Latin (Cyrillic and other alphabets should be also possible, but I did not test it) characters


Luach Sidebar Gadget

Click here to get more information about the powerful Luach Sidebar Gadget for Windows 7.
(personally, I use the free software "8GadgetPack" in order to use the Luach gadget also under Windows 10)

Features: Day calendar view, Jewish date into clipboard feature, Halakha data with Molad, Shabbat Times, Zmanim, Rosh Hodesh, Daf Yomit, Mishna Yomit, Yerushalmi Yomit, Yizkor, Daylight saving times, Omer counting, Flyout with Sefirass Haomer and shir on memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohay and much more



More information

Calculating and exporting Jewish calendar data (birthdays, Yahrzeit, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries) contained in GEDCOM files

Barcode Keyboards

Barcode Keyboards is designed for people who just became deaf-and-blind.

Ulrich Greve